What can you do when someone you love is stuck or in active addiction? What kinds of boundaries are needed? What resources are there for you and the one you love who is struggling with addiction? How can we pray? I feel so alone, is there hope?

Join us as we engage these important questions and offer resources for healing and recovery!

Questions: Freedom@Harborrockrecovery.org

Saturday, March 25th 8:30AM-10: 30 AM King’s Harbor Church
Breakfast ($8 pre-register/$10 at the door)
With Guest Speaker Pastor Pete Cropsey
Pete is an Author, Spiritual Director of Luminance Recovery in San Juan Capistrano & Lead Pastor of First Love in Costa Mesa. He will bring a word of encouragement & reminder God still raises the dead!

Pre-register using the PayPal link below:

Our “Christians in Recovery” Breakfast was a big hit!

Our “Christians in Recovery” Breakfast was a big hit!
So many wonderful comments about the morning.
From early morning laughs with Matt Baca to Pastor Steve Yamaguchi’s powerful story and the testimony of our wonderful guest panelists.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who donated, served and showed up to be apart of a great morning!
We belong to an amazing community and God has provided solid resources for Recovery.
**Stay tuned for other Recovery gathering hosted by Harbor Rock Recovery:
New Years Eve Sensational Celebration
  • Dec 31st 2015 6PM-11PM @King’s Harbor Church
  • Dinner ~ Speaker ~ Comedy, 9PM “Ball Drop” Celebration
  • LIVE Rock & Roll CONCERT with “D.O.G.” (9:30PM-10:30PM) 
CiR Breakfast (Spring 2016-March 5th?)

Blogging as Harbor Rock will be labor of faith, hope and love.

You’ve gotta know that the life I live is and has been an amazing gift from God! I couldn’t have dreamed this life up the ways it has unfolded…AND it has been labor. My dad would tell me anything worth while is worth working for.

Well, I have been given incredible gifts. Salvation and sobriety.  FREE gifts from God and yet my life of faith and recovery has been filled with some real labor. Trusting God and being responsive to Gods ways takes energy and action.

I trust you know exactly what I mean.

On this road to “Happy Destiny” may we labor in faith, hope and love together!

Consider joining us on this road, Pray for us, Come to a meeting, send some financial support.  We are in this together and cannot do it alone.

Looking forward,