Who we are

“I once was lost but now I am found”

We are a community of people who’s lives have been transformed by the life giving work of Jesus Christ. We live a daily life of “Recovery with Jesus” and have been entrusted to give away that which was so freely given to us.

All of us have a story.

Some of us have been hopeless, helpless alcoholics or addicts, worked the 12 steps of AA and discovered The Higher Power.

Some of us were at the edge of the cliff and cried out “God save me!” and He did.

Some of us love those who fight these battles and the devastation caused by these struggles; some are wives, husbands, mothers, fathers and friends!

If you are interested in becoming involved contact us at Freedom@harborrockrecovery.org

All of us are passionate about helping those struggling with alcoholism and addiction.

There is a solution.

Director Pastor Daniel Bradford:


aka “Dan”

A South Bay local since 1972 has been sober since June 30th 1979, began following Christ in 1991, married  his amazing wife in ’95,  hired to full time ministry in 2000. They have 3 kids that are each a gift from God.

Currently Pastor Dan serves as the Local Reach and Recovery Pastor for King’s Harbor Church and is founding director of Harbor Rock Recovery, a 501-c3 non profit Christian Ministry serving the South Bay Community and beyond.

Board of Directors:


Johnny Anderson aka “Johnny 2/3’s”

John Riley

Daniel Bradford

Advisory  Team

Merle & Kathy Countryman

Dirk & Stacy Eldridge

John & Mena Hughes

Bob & Terry Higgins

Phil& Celeste Toomey

House Manager:
Brendan Baltimore

Brendan Baltimore