Resident application

For complete application and interview contact us at:  

Harbor Rock Recovery ~ Sober Living Resident requirements:

  • Must be clean and sober a minimum of 72 hours
  • Must have a desire to be in a clean and sober home environment
  • Must be sober and drug free
  • Must be willing to accept house rules
  • Must be willing to accept resident roles and responsibilities
  • Residents will have no alcohol or drugs on site
  • Residents will have no overnight guests
  • Residents will participate in weekly house meeting
  • Residents will attend a local Christian worship service
  • Residents will pay rent on the 1st of month or the pro-rated amount at the time of entry. All rental agreements are month to month.
  • No refunds for violations
  • Residents will submit to sobriety testing upon Directors request
  • Residents found in violation of the above requirements will be subject to immediate eviction.(NO REFUNDS)

For more information contact Brendan Baltimore or Pastor Dan (see above)